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Originally Posted by CFT_Ian View Post
Just a quick question about scarf hold. (my class just drilled the crap out of scarf escapes last week)

In the picture you gave, the close arm isn't secured at all, is that normal or just a "do it how you prefer" type thing?
Yeah, that was just to give an example of the position, that's not how I control the scarfhold at all.

I use the scarfhold primarily for gi and grab by the tricept on the arm and the back of the collar around the head (deep) to get a solid grip.

I realize that was probably just a decent picture of the position you found, so I guess what I'm asking is, do you secure the close arm under/between your legs or just leave it loose?
I secure the arm with the outside hand (what would be the left hand in that picture).

Like I said, though, this is a gi based move that I use in judo as a pin, not a move I use in jiu-jitsu or MMA because it becomes nearly impossible to set up a submission with your hips facing the ceiling like that.

Personally, I turn my hips over and go to work from side control. As someone who goes to the back a lot when people go for this position, I understand how easy it is to get there, and consider this position way too risky without a gi to hold on to.

With the gi, it's nice because when they try to escape by rolling away from you, it's pretty easy to spin into an armbar if you're quick about it. Unfortunately, I'm only using that in training now (I'm not a blackbelt in judo yet, and until you reach that level, the armbar is not legal in competition), but it's a great setup with the gi on.

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