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Actually that would be fight number 2 in which Herb Dean has a made some questionable decisions. The first was the early stoppage of Tito vs. Shamrock 2. People were very angry with his decision there and Dana was practically forced to make a 3rd fight because the second one blew, thanks to an early stoppage. Now he did this with the Arlovski fight. The ground is Cruz's home and for Herb to kinda step in and ruin the rhythm caused a disastrous ending for Cruz. Herb should have stopped it and completely reset the fighters, he should not have been like, "Ok go!", plus not to mention the fence holding incident as well. Horrible reffing. Maybe he is not a horrible ref but he is definitely making some major mistakes for big fights... **** it, just put Steve Mazzagatti in for all the fights except the main events, leave them for big john.
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