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Sparring at the pro gym. 5 mins round, did 2 of standup with takedowns and 2 mma sparring. Was in with Bill Mahood who dominated me thoroughly. I suppose it wouldn't be right to expect to do well here, but I felt like I could have done better. Lots of holes that I'll continue to work on patching up over the last weeks. Gas tank, using movement and striking more to make use of my range advantage, a more active guard to make ground and pounding more difficult, takedown defense, etc. There was a meeting afterwards that dragged on for awhile so tomorrow mornings scratched. The good news is my partners up for doing some morning training with me on friday. Going to hit pads as well as practice ground and pounding and defending against it. Should help sharpen my striking and get more practice with real striking on the ground like I did today. My face looks like shit. Muay Thai + MMA tomorrow.
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