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Question regarding reversals

So, a friend and I have been playing the demo, probably a little bit too much for our own health but there are a lot of aspects to this game which make it highly desirable, the first being that it's an extremely dynamic fighting game. Never have I played a fighting game with this much detail. Anyways, on to my question:

We're both pretty skilled with either fighter, can beat the expert computer 9/10 times if not 10/10. But lately we've been fighting each other and he's been getting far better than me, to the point where any time I get him on the ground with either character, if I try to transition he simply flicks the right analog stick and does a reversal. I still can't seem to get the timing of reversals down as well as him, which is part of my problem, but mainly what I was wondering was whether or not any knows if there's a way to reverse a reversal or defend the reversal when you're trying to transition.
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