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Originally Posted by Servatose View Post
So, a friend and I have been playing the demo, probably a little bit too much for our own health but there are a lot of aspects to this game which make it highly desirable, the first being that it's an extremely dynamic fighting game. Never have I played a fighting game with this much detail. Anyways, on to my question:

We're both pretty skilled with either fighter, can beat the expert computer 9/10 times if not 10/10. But lately we've been fighting each other and he's been getting far better than me, to the point where any time I get him on the ground with either character, if I try to transition he simply flicks the right analog stick and does a reversal. I still can't seem to get the timing of reversals down as well as him, which is part of my problem, but mainly what I was wondering was whether or not any knows if there's a way to reverse a reversal or defend the reversal when you're trying to transition.
I recommend bringing practicing new aspects of your game that you have yet to really incorporate. It would seem to me that he's got you figured out, and may not be better than you but merely knows what your go-tos are in every situation after tons of playing against each other. At least that's how I play.

Work the block, throw a punch, mix it up every time something new in a new order most importantly. Forget reversals for now. He's getting reversals for one of two reasons.

A - He knows when you are trying to transition because perhaps you have formed habits that he's picked up on.

B - He's constantly trying reversals (or constantly trying transitions to fast, which leads to reversals for me all the time on accident).

Bottom line, completely change what you've been doing. If you're a shooter, get him in a muay thai clinch, and visa versa. I could be wrong but I pride myself on figuring out my opponent whether it be a buddy or the CPU. That's why I make Chuck tap on expert in less than two minutes every fight now...the CPU has patterns (which is why I have stopped training against the CPU because I got into a pattern and it works better against the CPU than it does against a human.)
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