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I love these threads.

Originally Posted by MooJuice View Post
- You hear someone refer to MMA the sport as "UFC" and want to punch them in the throat
I feel this way all the time.

Some contributions:

- You're watching a porno and you wonder why he doesn't pass the guard.

- You yell out Gina Carano's name during sex with your girlfriend (or boyfriend).

- You think GSP's accent is sexy.

- You refer to someone getting owned as "getting Fedor'd."

- You refer to goatees as either "Jardine's" or "Abbott's," depending on their length and color.

- You want to meet Rachel Leah so she'll show you fighters' houses.

- You sometimes dream of shining Dana White's head.

- You watch boxing and get annoyed when they don't throw knees in the clinch.

- You have an internal debate about whether you should cover someone's eyes or choke them out while you sneak up on them.

- You imagine Bas Rutten and Stephen Quadros narrating your sexual encounters.

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