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*You introduce people using the Buffer Spin Move
-You hear Mike Goldberg's voice as you finish having sex "It's alllll over!"
- you hope each morning your woken up by bruce buffer saying ITSSSSS TIMMEEEEE

massive belly laughs to be had here. solid gold guys keep it up

- You get tingles up and down your spine when you watch the old pride entrances and staredowns

- You just stare incredulously when somebody does't know the WEC

- You shadow box when you're bored even though you couldn't hit steven hawkings

- You watch an old episode of Fear Factor and keep waiting for rogan to start explaining leg kicks

- You have never trained properly but believe you'd do ok versus a gracie

- You don't have any friends into MMA so you order $50 PPVs for yourself

- You can't conceive how MMA isn't the largest sport in the world yet

- Every time you hear someone say 'second to none' you think of joe rogan

- You post on MMAF

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