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Originally Posted by IronMan View Post
Alright, I'm going to assume that scarf mount and scarf hold are the same thing, if they're not, then correct me.

The scarf hold, I should note, is really only when they have control of the head alone. When they have the underhook on the other side, it becomes a totally different position.

First, I should get out the way two things.
  1. I hate this position.
  2. The best way to escape is never to be there.

Still, since I've started doing judo I've spent a lot of time working on this position, as most of my training partners really, really like it.

The first thing to do is keep yourself from getting flat (this is always the first thing to do when your opponent is in a dominant position). With this particular position that means getting one of your shoulders off of the mat.

The best way to do that is to twist your hips towards your opponent. This will bring your far shoulder off of the mat.

In gi grappling, you can reach around to grab the belt (which establishes control) and then roll back over your shoulders so that they're on their back, which reverses the position.

In no-gi, when you can't grab the belt, you can still execute that same reversal, but, frankly, it's much harder.

I prefer, once I twist my hips up, to turn my hips over (so that I come up to my knees), get that hook around the body (without the gi, there's no belt to grab, but it's the same hook) and then sit back to pop the head out. This can put some strain on the neck, but once the head is out, you have control of the back.
Totally true. IronMan, have you seen the escapes series with Marcelo Garcia (it's about bridging). He shows some pimpin' escapes there (and yours is ofc one of them). There's one when you grab a bodylock, bridge to get your hips under your opponenet and then reverse him that just looks beautiful. Too bad I drill far too few sidecontrol escapes...

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