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Originally Posted by smokelaw1 View Post
I gotta say, I don't like the guy, but going abck in there after you get 4 teeth knocked out shows some heart. He got ROCKED a few times, and put on a decent show. Gassed as hell, four teeth out, and bleeding from the nose, if I remember correctly, props to him for that at least.
Originally Posted by Edblor View Post
You do realize they were fake teeth that got knocked out?

I don't know how much it honestly "hurt", but going back in was only hard knowing he'd get more beatings!

yeah i mean if he had those since he was young its not the same for hm as it would be for you or me........its like dental work commin undone for him not that much blood actually, whereas if it were me or you we'd be bleeding like we were gutted and in alot more buddy was hit in the mouth with a baseball pitch from one of those machines h just leaned over and sprinkled out like 6 teeth....sued the pitcher machine comp and won like 300k..........if his got knocked out tomm it wouldnt hurt like it did the 1st time....

I didnt like Frank he was like yeah "we know his ground game is tough but we also know he a ****in ***** on his feet"..........I was like no he isnt.....he's not the best but what got him to ***** status??? Plus frank lost to that *****........
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