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MMAF Undisputed Fight League Rules

Alrighty folks. Please keep in mind that this is an evolving rule set so check back after each round. This is a working document, last changed on June 13nd. The most recent update can be found in italics

There will be an Xbox league and a PS3 league

League Officials are (The three Dana Whites, we will also be taking part):

League Founder & Registered Sex Offender:

Tokin MMAF Moderator & Thin-tie Enthusiast:

Logistical Monkey & Chief Cat Herder:


Official MMAF Undisputed Fight League Rules & Info

Weight classes

Until we can get more members to join up, we anticipate that everyone will need to participate in 2 different weight classes. You may select the first weight class you would like to participate in, and then your second weight class will be randomly selected so that we have a good number of people in each of the weight classes. The idea is that once we have more members then people will be able to either select which class they wish to continue in, or continue in both if they have the time.

So check the weight classes thread and select your weight class.

Ranking Ladder

Before anything starts we will hold a tournament in each division to determine the first title holders and the order of the rankings, but the tournament will not affect your fight record, so everybody will still start on 0-0 when the events start. To find out where you are on the rankings just check the rankings thread for PS3 or Xbox when we begin.

The tournament will be done as an elimination style tournament, where if you win you progress on to the next stage, towards the title. Once we have our champs established in the tournament the league-play will begin. Initial contendership rankings will be based on when a player was eliminated from the tournament. The longer you stay in, the higher you will be ranked. This means that if two players are eliminated in the semi finals, the one who lasted longer (later into the rounds) will be ranked in the spot above the other.

Subsequent to the tournament, rankings will determine all matches. The number one contender will always fight the champ in ranked play. Losing or missing a match (a NC) will result in moving down the ranking ladder, winning will result in moving up. This means that if the lower-ranked player wins his or her match then they move above the loser of the match (and if they were the underdog they can move up two spots if the underdog of the match above them also loses). This will keep it interesting for all and keep the contendership picture from becoming stagnant. Please refer to the chart below if you are uncertain of how this will work.

Making Weight (i.e. showing up for your matches)

An 'event' is expected to take place over a week or two. Fighters will be given the opportunity to set their fight times with their opponent. If they can not select a time mutually then a league official will give them two times. Missing both times will result in a NC, which results in moving down the ladder the same way a loss does.

FIGHT TIME! - Please expect additional rules to be added to this section.

- To host the league match you need to create a PLAYER MATCH and turn on the privacy, then invite your opponent to join you on the friends screen.
- The higher-ranked player always picks his fighter first. You may pick any fighter in the division the match is for, or use your own created fighter.
- To take your fight outcome confirmation photo (if you are so inclined) simply press start on the points screen and select gamer card so that both your name and your opponent's is visible.
- ABSOLUTELY NO GLITCHED FIGHTERS are permitted to be used. These are fighters made using the create-a-fighter stat exploit. Legit CAFs are permitted, so put in the work if you want to make a guy. GLITCHED FIGHTERS can be spotted by their relatively low speed/cardio/strength with high skills. Legitimate CAFs have higher speed/cardio/strength.

Title Holders

Title holders will be required to defend their titles regularly. Missing a title fight time(s) will result in the title being vacated, an assessment of a NC to the champ as well as the champ sliding to the 4th place position (1, 2, and 3 will move up and 1 & 2 will fight for the vacant title while the former champ will face the 3rd place contender in the next event).

Training Camps / Teams

We will be allowing training camps to be formed. Training camps will allow you to plan practice/sparing with your MMAF buddies. Coming up with names and logos for your camp thread would be great. Camps should have more than one member, obviously. Additional rules pertaining to training camps may be provided later on if they are necessary.


We're all participating in this for fun, so ideally no one will ever get suspended. With this said there are some rules which need particular enforcement for this to work for the rest of us. The rules (TBD) which if broken may result in suspension or expulsion from the organization pertain to: Missing Multiple Fights and Dishonest Result Reporting. It remains to be seen how the system might account for fight records but unaltered digital photos may be taken as proof of results.

A suspension may take one of two forms. You may be asked to sit-out for an event (or more), or you may demoted to the next rank pairing. This means that if you are ranked 3rd and are demoted, you will be ranked 6th -- making you the underdog of the next pairing for the #5 & #6 ranked fight.

Tournament Start Date: May 29, 2009
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