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As promised, here's a training entry from a couple of weeks ago (after x-rays came back negative for my jacked up nose):

After one week off to fully heal my bumps and bruises -- and give my nose a chance to avoid getting hit -- decided to head back to Gracie Fighter Berkeley today to work some techniques and actually get the chance to roll again.

Jason had the class work on different take downs that led into kimura submissions. I love working take downs and take down defense since I used to wrestle and practice judo about 10 years ago.

But... having my takedowns flow directly into submissions proved to be extremely difficult for me, but turned out to be a great class. We drilled a couple of different techniques that I absolutely loved, though needed to drill them more than most other submissions, to fully learn what I was doing.

I have a love-hate relationship with the kimura, as it's one of my favorite submissions to submit people with, but I'm always a bit nervous when trying to get someone to tap from it. I've had people really work my shoulder hard when trying to submit me using a kimura -- something I desperately try to avoid doing to others when rolling.

I rolled for 15 or 20 minutes, loving the fact I was able to do so without having my nose click every time it was touched.
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