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As an American, the American team disgusts me!

These arent the top 16 MMA prospects in America. Its a friggin joke. These guys cant fight They are a bunch of jouneyman that will never grace the Octogon. Jason Dent, give me a ****in break. All these guys are ****in sideshow.. I see not one guy with any skill.

Dana should have gotten a bunch of all american wrestlers, and let them train 6 weeks with Dan Henderson and they would wipe the floor with the Brits.

Because from what Ive seen. Not one of them are UFC material.

Same for the Brits, I dont see too much talent there either. Maybe 3-4 guys deserve a shot at fighitng in the Octogon and maybe 1-2 Americans. But if you ask me the talent is the worst yet.

Can you imagine some of these LW's fighting BJ Penn or GSP, its almost comical. I dont even have to name a ranked fighter. DO you think any of them deserve to fight a guy like Chris Lytle or Dustin Hazelette? They would get SMOKED!!

The point of the show is to find the next Diego Sanchez, Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin. And its clear, he is not on this show.

And dont try to sell me on that LW Brit faught Shaun White last night. The red head was landing on him, and he isnt even UFC material.

I will watch, cuz I like the drama. But overall, the skills on these guys suck.

Im not hating on any particular country. I just want to see the best prospects fighting for a job in the UFC. I think the Brits came to fight and have brought there best guys. But the US didnt and it pisses me off.


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