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Originally Posted by HaTe
whats thier secret? from watching griffin just eating spinich for the whole day before the fight night to make the weight.. is that what they do? just cardio, eat nothing and drink water?

im 6'2 215 and i wanna cut to 200 or so in about 2 weeks.. is it possible? if so.. can i lift weights at the same time and lose weight in a certain amount of time?

When the pro fighters cut weight they aren't cutting fat at all, they are just reducing the amount of water in their body which will make them weigh less. You don't lose muscle or fat. To my knowledge cutting weight isn't a long process, all the articles I've seen on it talk about doing it 2 to 3 days before weigh in, so basically, up until those 2 to 3 days before weigh in, you need to cut calories and increase cardio if you want to lose weight. But always be careful while cutting weight since it is incredibly hard on your body. I don't remember exactly what to do the few days before weigh in (I know you drink tons of water on day 1, then cut it to half on day 2 and none on day 3 and you also cut your sodium intake to none but I don't know all the details), so you can find articles by using google.
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