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muay thai strength training

hey everyone i do muay thai everyday at home gonna sign up for a class this friday. I have been doing it for like a year now. And im wondering about the strength training schedule.

is this a good way to set it up?
i would stretch and do abs everyday.
1 workout per body part. and id do 6-8 sets of 8-12 reps.
forearms id do eveyday i do upperbody.

mon - upper body = chest(push ups) & Biceps(dumbbell curls)
tues - lower body = quads(squats) & calf(calf raises)
wed - upper body = back(pull ups) & triceps(french press)
thurs - lower body = hamstrings(runners leg) & gluts(butt squeezes)
Fri- upper body = shoulders(military press) & lower back(superman)
sat - lower body = quads(squats) & calf(calf raises)

of course ill have more diff workouts to switch every 2 or 3 weeks.

so what you guys think?
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