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Hi mate,

I think you have presented a good routine but many exercises are unnecessary. You have presented more of a bodybuilder routine to promote muscle mass as opposed to as strength routine for muay thai.

For strength, only use compound exercises and lifts. These include:
Squats (Back, Front and Zercher)
Bench Press
Clean and Press
Pull Ups
Military Press

Isolation exercises such as Dumbbell Curls, Calf Raises and French Presses will simply build beach muscle, which isn't needed for muay thai.

Also, I think 6 days a week is too much. Split your weight training to 3 days a week and only concentrate on the compound lifts I have presented above. Lift heavy for around 6 reps, 3 sets. This way, you will be building "strength", as opposed to "mass".

Hope this has helped.
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