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Originally Posted by dario03 View Post
The lack of top level UK fighters says otherwise.

MMA is more established in the US and there are simply more people in the US. Now there could be some great UK fighters but if they really went around and got the top 16 non-signed fighters in the US and the UK then odds are the US team would be better at MMA and finding better wrestlers should be fairly easy.

And wrestling is very big in schools in the US so there should definitely be more top level wrestlers.

As you say, MMA is more established in the US than in the Uk, but over the past 3 or 4 years it has really taken off. I think we will begin to see some really talented fighters coming out of Britan over the next few years.

However i dont buy this whole conspiracy bull. OK so there are no talented US wrestlers in the series, but its still man v man in the octagan, us v uk, its not our fault we continue to spank the yank !

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