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Xbox 360 cannot hold a candle to PS3. I actually went with the 360 cause it was $100 cheaper but that was one of the worst mistakes in my life. Every single 360 is guaranteed to get ring of death at about 2-3 years which is usually after the extended warranty runs out anyway. Even if you find a place and pay to get it fixed it's going to overheat again within another couple of years. And Microsoft charging you for Xbox Live is even more bullshit. People think 60 bucks is nothing but when you've been doing that for 5 years, you tell me what's the better buy. PS3 or XboX? There's all this hype about Xbox Live, but it's exactly the same gameplay you'd have with PS3 but for some reason there's people out there that fail to realize it. The only reason they think it's so special is because they've never saw a friends list or gamed on a pc their entire life. Not to mention if you leave your disc inside too long, it's gonna scratch up and eventually and be completely unplayable. My GTA IV won't even start up.. and I took good care of that shit!

I'm not trying to be a hater, I just don't want to see anybody else being conned into buying Microsoft's products.

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