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Originally Posted by Baby Rickson View Post
Xbox 360 cannot hold a candle to PS3. I actually went with the 360 cause it was $100 cheaper but that was one of the worst mistakes in my life. Every single 360 is guaranteed to get ring of death at about 2-3 years which is usually after the extended warranty runs out anyway. Even if you find a place and pay to get it fixed it's going to overheat again within another couple of years. And Microsoft charging you for Xbox Live is even more bullshit. People think 60 bucks is nothing but when you've been doing that for 5 years, you tell me what's the better buy. PS3 or XboX? There's all this hype about Xbox Live, but it's exactly the same gameplay you'd have with PS3 but for some reason there's people out there that fail to realize it. The only reason they think it's so special is because they've never saw a friends list or gamed on a pc their entire life. Not to mention if you leave your disc inside too long, it's gonna scratch up and eventually and be completely unplayable. My GTA IV won't even start up.. and I took good care of that shit!

I'm not trying to be a hater, I just don't want to see anybody else being conned into buying Microsoft's products.

2ndly XBL is not ****in 60 bucks a year. You can get it for as low as 20 dollars if you shop around moron.

Next the 360 used to have Red Ring issues but they have primarily stopped. Ive had 5 consoles now 4 of which died and MS fixed for free within a week's time anyways so Im not bitching.

Now hear's a little known fact THEY DONT CHECK WARRANTY'S ANYMORE. My last one was out o warranty supposidly for likea year but they dont even question it. They just ask you to send it in anyways and they fix it for free.

On top of all this I dont know anyone who has red ringged in quite some time now. Mine hasnt and mine usualy crapped out at just under a year.

Thats complete BULLSHITE about the 360 scratching a disc because you left it in the tray aswell. the only way that happens is if your retarded enough to move the system or flip it over while the disc is in play.

Which can be completely disregarded now anyways because you can install the complete game so it plays straight from the hard drive.

Put Any hardware faults aside (because they have all been addressed and fixed by MS) and the 360 continues to dominate because of the fantastic software line-up and ultimately that is what it's about. THE GAMES! And the 360 trumps the PS3 in this area. or every major release on PS3 there is 2-3 on the 360.

Hell even the JRPG list is more expansive on the 360 which should have been the PS3's bread and butter.

The PS3 is just TOO dmaned expensive to justify a purchase for me yet. I wont even consider it until a price drop so i can get MGS4 and little Big Planet. But until then the 360 does everything the PS3 can do minus Blu-Ray and Plus HD-Digital Downloads (Which are cheaper than blue ray discs and at the same resolution anyways)

On top of this the community around the Xbox360 is much more complete as the 360 comes with a headset so communication with others is allways available. People on XBL can create and share and sell their very own home made games aswell which is amazing.

Another point to bring across is how the PS3 always get's low qualtiy ports of 360 games (Barring Fight Night round 3 which was an improvement). This is because the PS3 is unreasonably hard to program for. So developers make their games for the 360 and then port it to the PS3 resulting in. terrible load times. Crappy draw distances (See Oblivion) And often unpolished low res graphics on the PS3 version of most multi platform games. (For this I point to Rainbow six vegas one and two).

At the end of the day PS3 owners arre payin a premium price and getting the short end of the stick. The hardware may be a tad more reliable but the software support just isn't there and neither is the community which is the primary success of the 360. If Sony could establish a better community and software lineup things would be differnet...but they havent.

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