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Whoa $20? Where the hell have you been for the past five years.. Ireland?

Exactly my point, you had 5 consoles and 4 of them died! Do you not see what I'm trying to say. It's good to know they don't check warrantys anymore.

The discs do scratch, there's been a ton of issues online when they first surfaced, just google it. I could send you a picture if you wanted, and no I didn't move it while the disc was playing you jerkoff.

What's with all this Xbox Live community is so much better. I have Xbox Live. It's online gaming, PERIOD. If you use to game on a pc you'd realise the same thing, holy shit this fun, the people are awesome. Matter of fact, a lot of PS3 games can support 30-60 players online. I haven't seen 360 with that capability. Dude, If the PS3 games are so shit, make a list comparing the exclusives.. you'll see.

Oh yeah, all the PS3 games are low quality ports and not one 360 game is faulted. Oh my god, terrible load times haha. GTA IV on PS3 doesn't even load, meanwhile I'm sitting here everyday waiting for the thing to start up.

I'm not trying to convince you that PS3 wins because quite frankly that's impossible, but people are still going on about how PS3 IS TOO DAMN EXPENSIVE. You're buying Live every year and paying to have to repair or send the thing in. Let's say in a couple years you get this one game and wanna play online. PS3 you can pick up and play anytime you want, 360 you have to go and sign up all over again and throw money into Microsoft's way. But yeah I guess Xbox Live is so amazing with all these extra contant addons to game and cool chatting options. I've never seen that anywhere else, it's so worth it. You're forgetting I own a 360 but you know what you're absolutely right PS3 is not worth this "PREMIUM PRICE" and everything it has os completely overated.
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