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Got a nice 10 hour sleep and I felt way more refreshed. Warm up run, lots of tumbling and shit. Technique was guard passes. Kajan likes to do guard breaks from a stand and then pass. Drilled a few techniques as well as counters for the guy being passed. Drilled the guard passes for awhile. I didn't do particularily well and got frustrated. Then we did a few rounds of straight up rolling. I had 2 rounds with a blue belt, both times I dominated. Mostly going into my guard, then kimura sweeping into mount and then fighting for a sub there or taking his back. Also dominated another dude. Mwahaha. Total subs for the day is an americana, arm triangle, rear naked choke. Almost got a triangle. Done and done.

My sides still have a dull pain when they're squeezed. I'm going to stop taking creatine and beta alanine for the time being and see what that does. I might be stressing out my liver or whatever with all these supps. So we'll see if it helps. My knee is hinting at pain. Tomorrow is a judgement call for heavy sparring but most definitely training either way...I can get alot done with my training partner.

I'm very close to getting an opponent. We'll see.
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