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Originally Posted by ozz525
wat do u mean about the snap how would that look
I.P. is definitely on the right track. Another way to look at it is this: Most people look at their fists like clubs, or battering rams. If you are looking to increase the amount of "snap" on your punches, it would probably be better to look at your fist like the very end of a whip (your arm).

I remember watching this old episode of "Ripley's Believe it or Not" and they had these Bull-Whip masters on doing tricks and everything else. To illustrate the amount of force that can be generated by these whips, they had a set of bottles set up and one of the guys showed that they could break them by swinging a bat at them. However, the bat had to be swung fast enough, or the bottle would fly off its stand into to the wall and break. When the Bull-Whip "master" got up and started cracking at the bottles, the tops of the bottles would explode on the stands they were set on, leaving the bottom parts in place. All the force generated by the whip was concentrated right at its tip, as it began to accelerate faster than the speed of sound (that's the reason why they make a loud "cracking" noise when used correctly).

To translate that to the human body:
1)It means that your arms should be loose. If you're stiff, you will impede the amount of acceleration you can generate while punching. You will also waste excess energy while fighting. So always keep the arms loose.

2)Punch with an emphasis on speed, not power. If you over emphasize "muscling" your punches, you will tense up, and your punches will be slow. This includes your power shots. The only reasons why they are power shots is because they either travel a farther distance than your regular jab, or involve a greater amount of body mass.

3)Punch thru the target. Not an exagerated amount, but aim to finish your punch 4 to 6 inches past the surface of the target. This will help ensure that you are making contact when your fist is at the highest rate of acceleration (as your fist is already deccelerating at the end of your arm's extension). And don't just leave your arm out there when you do--you will get countered, and the force of your punch can come reflect right back into your arm. You want to make sure that force is dispersed into your target, not back into you.

Now, if you are doing this correctly, this is what it shouldn't look like. If you are working rounds on a hanging heavy bag (70lbs or so), that heavy bag shouldn't be swinging to and fro like a kid in a swingset. If you are punching the heavy bag and it's swinging all over the place, that means you are pushing your punches and trying to "muscle" some power out of them. That would be a give away that you have bad form.

Now if you are working rounds on a hanging heavy bag, and you are noticing that your shots are folding and denting the bag, that's a good indicator that you are punching correctly. The bag shouldn't be swinging excessively, but if it's jolting violently that's not bad.

Another way to find out if you are successfully snapping your punches is simply to have someone hold out a focus mitt in front of you. If you punch the mitt and you hear a low "thud" and the mitt flies back at your partner, you aren't snapping your punches. But if you punch the mitt and hear a loud "pop" and it doesn't fly back into your partner's face, you're snapping your punches correctly.

Here's a visual of working on a heavy bag with "snapping" punches here. Notice how the bag doesn't sway excessively, and how it dents and folds during the shots.

Here's a vid of Ninja and Shogun of Chute Boxe training a few focus mitt drills. Notice how every time they make contact with the pads there's a loud "pop"? That's definitely snapping a punch out, not pushing it.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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