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For DW, My new Computer

theres the desk where all the (self)love happens! god if that doesnt scream "never getting laid again..." sigh

theres the beast himself! god i love that case.

side view of the window. when powered on my motherboard has bright blue status LED's that shine through the case, and plus the red light on the front fan, its cool looking.

theres the beast open, huge fan on the side.

inside the case

more fans inside

and the two big bastards that bring this together, my 2 BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55's.

Intel Core i7-920 2.66ghz
MSI X58 Platimun SLI
6gb Corsair Dominator DDR3
2 BFG GTX 260 OC Maxcore 55's in SLI
80gb hitachi sata hard drive for windows and programs
500gb WD sata hard drive for storage
Creative X-Fi Platinum
Lite-on DVD-ROM
Lite-on 16x DVD-r/rw
Cooler Master 932 HAF case
Dell 24" widescreen LCD (1920x1200)
Saitek Eclipse keyboard
Logitech MX518 mouse
MS Windows 7 RC

i know the i7-920 are great over clockers, so im gonna read up on it a little more and try over clocking it to close to 4ghz, as i hear good air cooling is enough to get this ad boy screaming along at that speed. when i get some more money, bigger and faster hard drives will be going in. maybe some liquid cooling, as you can see in the pics there are already tube fittings for water cooling, and the top bay of the case is rubberized and has a spot for resevior filling point.

Hands down the easiest build ive ever done. Cable routing behind the motherboard was super easy, no screwdriver needed ever and plenty of room for everything! The MSI mobo is great, and even with 2 massive video cards in SLI all SATA ports are usable.

you now all know what a huge nerd i am.... and im ashamed.... so very very ashamed...

Made by DP

R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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