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Muay Thai

3 Rounds skipping. A few rounds shadowboxing. Then rest of the class was rounds on the bag. Today's theme was using the lead hand. Tons of double jabs, body jabs jab + lead hooks, lead uppercuts, fakes, and combos putting together the lead hand. Major shoulder soreness on the one side.


Warmup runs and tumbling. A few techniques for standups from guard. A new one that I liked was come up reach around head as if for a guilotine, hip out, come up and give a hip bump to create space and then pull your legs out into a sprawl on top of him. Rolled 3 rounds from guard and I did very well again. I made sure to do lots of light striking and in similar fashion to tuesday, I spent alot of time in mount and got an americana and an arm triangle. Kajan had some good things to say about my improvements.

One more day tomorrow. Heading to the gym to hit the pads with my partner then BJJ classes right after. Then glorious rest.
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