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Besides creating myself, i'm planning on creating CB Dollaway. I'm gonna give him some sick wrestling skills, but his Muay Thai will only be level 2.

Here are the stats I'm giving him:

Strength: 70

Striking skill offence: 62
Striking skill defence: 58

Kicking skill offence: 66
Kicking skill defence: 69

Clinch striking offence:70
Clinch striking defence 60

Clinch grappling offence:79
Clinch grappling defence:83

Ground striking offence: 85
Ground striking defence: 75

Ground grappling offence: 87
Ground grappling defence 94

Takedown offence: 90
Takedown defence: 88

Submission offence: 80(would normally be more but he had Amir Sadollah in a rear naked choke and still didn't put him away!

Submission defence: 55

Tell me if you lot agree with that.

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