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Originally Posted by mrmyz
Bassically a freind of mine wants to compete in this ametuer mma tournament that im going to as well. He is going to fight in a weight class under mine. He has good conditioning and good muscle indurence because he is a distance runner. That alone makes this easier.

Right now my bassic plan is to have him tag along with my weight training sessions and cardio conditioning to get him used to fights. We have four months to train so I cant really get to complicated in training him for one thing and neglecting others so I am going to have to use the time properly.

Bassically this a toughy getting a guy ready from scratch in four months for a ametuer fight. So Im going to be teaching him enough striking to get by positional escapes and submition escapes. From their I think we are going to focus primarily on ground and pound.

So what are some effective take downs to learn for this aside from the double leg take down?
Single legs are good takedowns, and highly underrated. Low Single Legs ("shoestring tackles") ala Sakuraba are also good, but are real hard to teach to use effectively in short amounts of time.

What I would readily suggest is that you work on takedowns from a Clinch position. Whether it be body lock, over-under, diagonal, collar and elbow or other sort of sloppy tie up position, learning how to take someone down or throw them (and how to defend such) from a clinch is invaluable.

If I read correctly, you are versed in Judo and a lot of sweeps and throws can be adapted for MMA. Looking over my references, I would definitely expose him to some of the basic Hip Throws (O-goshi, Uki-goshi, etc), the outside and inside sweeps (Osoto-gari, Ouchi-gari, Kosoto-gake, Osoto-guruma) and their variants.

But definitely work the clinch. Work the clinch both freestanding and against a wall. I will bet dollars to doughnuts that during a MMA fight you will find yourself either with your opponent up against the cage or ring ropes, or you yourself will be against the cage or ring ropes. Being able to take someone down from that position and being able to fight from off the cage/ropes has got to be taken into consideration.

If you want a good set of reference books, take a look at No Holds Barred Fighting: Takedowns, and No Holds Barred Fighting: The Clinch by, Mark Hatmaker. They should be fairly easy to find, they're inexpensive, and they have a wealth of material that can be used as a starting point.

Good luck.

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