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Originally Posted by northcoastmma
so i started taking bjj about a month ago. i go to class about five days a week. we work mostly no-gi becasue my coachs theory is that no-gi techniques will work wiht a gi on. We do gi work once or twice a week so we know what to expect when people do grab the gi. I do eventually want to break into full contact mma. The reasson i say im kind of a beginner is that even though i havent done martial arts before now i did wrestle for 12 years. I have no real striking experience. so basically what im asking for is some help setting a goal. I kind of want an estimate of about how long i should wait before trying my hand at mma. Thanks.
With twelve years of wrestling you could try a BJJ tournament in 3-9 mo. If your not training at Mui Thai or some other form of standup then start now! I would get at least 6 mo of standup training before fighting, at least thats what I did and I too have twleve years of wrestling.
I practice MT and BJJ every session. Wrestling is second nature at this point anyway and you'll have some habits to change from wrestling along the way.
Don't go into an MMA fight with no standup training...I recommend Mui Thai, it's a brutal style and very effective.

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