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When fighters cut weight before a fight they are in essence dehydrating thier bodies... that is why most weigh in for pro fights are the day before a fight so the fighter can put the water back into thier system before the actual fight if not both fighters would pass out before the first round. As for trying to drop weight classes.. Here is my thoughts on that..

A kid I was working with.. senior in high school.. Doing all he could to drop weight to get the the weight class he wrestled at the year before.. Got to the weight... I told him he was not going to win the tournament he was in for his first set of matches.. WEll tournament day came.. he won his first match and completely gassed out and lost his 2nd.. hence he did not win his weight class as he had done previously... he had 3 weeks before the regular season started.. Since i predecited exactly what was going to happen to him ahead of time this time he took my advice.. he started.. *GASP* eating (healthy of course).. regardless of what his coach told him... He was lifitng weights and he ended up moving up not one but two weight classesbut he went up by adding muscle. Last I talked to him he has not lost a match at his new weight and he told me he does not even feel tired at all even after long matches or tournaments..

Tip to all fighters don't kill yourself to get down to some weight class that is well below your bodies natural weight just cause it was where you were the year before.. eat right add muscle and do hard cardio. compete where your body, not your coach thinks you should be or you were.. you'll do better and feel better.

Though as for cutting weight before a fight... if the weigh in is the day before the match just cut the water weight soon as weigh in is over drink water.. I mean lots of water the rest of the night until your urine stream is clear ... this means your rehydrated properly.. if the weigh in is the same day as the match I advise against this or you'll be exhausted for the match,,, unless you got like real early weigh in and late day matches.. even then your risking perfomance.

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