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How to make a proper Fedor

Well, Fedor is just too good to be done with the in game CAF, you don't have enough points. So you have to do it using the career mode.

I got this from a thread at Gamefaqs, but it was to maximize the fighter, to 105+. I have changed it to something a little different to make it for a more "real" Fedor.

First of all, always play on Beginner, you'll get easier fights and (I think) sparring.

At first, just maximize your attributes: Strength, Speed and Cardio. The original guide had it to get to 100 str first, but Fedor isn't that strong. A more realistic approach would be something like 70-75-80 (str-spd-car). Don't do any spar sessions, just attributes and training camps.

As you play on beginner, you wouldn't even need to fight at 100% stamina, so you can get an additional training session there.

Once you get your attributes right, start sparring until you get the stats you think your Fedor should have. Start with standing strikes and ground strikes, so you can get quick KOs and not lose a lot of stamina after the fights.

Here is a sample of what I would do:

Standing strikes offense: 80
Standing strikes defense: 95
Standing kicks offense: 50
Standing kicks defense: 90
Clinch striking offense: 88
Clinch striking defense: 90
Clinch graple offense: 96
Clinch graple defense: 94
Takedown offense: 70
Takedown defense: 82
Ground striking offense: 87
Ground striking defense: 85
Ground graple offense: 92
Ground graple defense: 90
Submission offense: 94
Submission defense: 97

Techniques: Boxing/Judo

Once you have the stats you want, you can just retire.
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