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I just posted in a different thread yesterday about fighter salaries.

people talk about how boxing pays so much more than MMA, but the only boxers on a fight card making bank are the main event guys.

Those undercard boxing guys aren't making much more than the undercard MMA guys.

It's sad even to think it, but the guys that are getting screwed are actually the main event guys.

Chuck, Sylvia, AA, Tito... they should all be getting a million per fight, regardless.

I understand that Zuffa has only been turning a profit for 2 years now after digging out of the big ol' crater the UFC was before then, but sooner or later the payscale will have to go up for the big fights.

The reason it's so low compared to boxing, is because MMA orgs aren't built on the boxing model. If it was, the purses would be higher because the org wouldn't have to pay for every single facet of the entire promotion.

That's why HBO and Showtime are getting into the game. The orgs can spend less to put on the show because the media companies will help foot the bill, while providing a bigger audience base.

Hopefully it will eventually result in bigger paydays for the fighters.

But as it stands... even if it changes some, those entry-level guys and journeyman can continue to expect only making $2000 to $25,000 depending on their record/history/fan-fav just like the boxer no-name/lower level fighters do.

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