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well my main concern is this, read it and you guys tell me what would be the best decision for me. Here goes nothing -

I want to join the police academy. Thats my biggest goal in life. Right now im 6'2 215. I lift weights 2 days rest 1 and train 2 days again. I do cardio everyday. Since i get really sick when im doing outside running in the winter (trust me, i tried everything), i run like a mile in like 9:30 on 2 incline and i walk 2 minutes on high inclines and then run 2/3 mintes again. My usual is 1-3/4 in like 20 minute son the tredmill. Afterwards in the gym i do

1st day - Cardio 1-3/4 miles tredmill, Legs, shoulders, triceps, biceps & basic arm exercies.

2nd day - Cardio 1-3/4 miles on tredmill, chest, back and abs.

3rd day - No weights, some cardio boxing and/or sprints outside in the field.

-100 meter sprint as fast as possible
-Beep Test or Shuttle run, basically u run back and forth of 20m court before the beep goes off... it gets faster and faster. I need to get level 6.5.
-Dummy drag (150 lbs) to 25 ft.

What should I do? any cops out there? maybe someone can help me out. Being a cop is my life dream and im willing to do anything to achieve it.
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