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Originally Posted by Maverick417 View Post
Ok my first few created guys were bad arse strikers but there submissions were only at 80. So i could understand why i could never pull a submission, thus i got tired of that. So i wanted a better submissions fighter, well now my guy is Maxed out in BJJ camps and stats(114 sub offense)

figured that would do the trick......nope still cant pull them. So i wait till the are dazed and try, still no good.
i noticed my strength not maxed so, i max that and my speed. No new results, dazed, gazed......i cant submit someone.

and yes i know the submissions and how to do them, i can pull them on buddies all the time. the computer is a different story.

any suggestions to help my sorry arse?
Do you run out of stamina in the middle of the sub? If so, that's your answer
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