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Sounds good. I really should dabble more into counter and evasive fighting. I'm an extremely hardheaded and aggressive fighter whether I'm going against someone my height or someone 8 inches taller than me, heh. Generally, against guys over 6', I'm always trying to sneak in and tie their limbs up where I can give a flurry of elbows or get that 'hit-and-release' clinch on my way out of the clinch range. Mixed results there.

Some evasive fighting like you mentioned will probably open up a ton of knee opportunities. I haven't got many set-ups other than looking for sloppy head movement. In one particular sparring session, a friend who is about 5-6 inches taller than me came rushing in -- I planted a good push kick to his solarplexus, he bent over forward a ton and my knee naturally followed up into his chin with ease.

I guess I've really got to focus on the set-up, mixed with evasive and counter fighting.

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