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Basic Sig Walk Through.

First off find a couple pictures, what I used here are 2 action shots and one render (If you need help creating a render wer have a thread here

First create a new file as for sizing try out some diffrent ones till you find what you like, personally I like 380-390 pixels wide by 150-160 high, for the example I used 386W X 150H. Now remember computers freeze so I advise you to save periodically so if it happens you dont lose all your work.

Now depending on personal preferance you may want to start with your back ground or as I've done start with your render.

select the render you made and open it. Now select it and and copy and paste it onto you blank sig.

Now as you can see my proportions are not how we would like.

To fix this we go to edit:Free Transform:

we should see a box around our picture like this.

Now while holding shift (Shift keeps picture properly portioned and prevents squishing picture) click on the corner and drag it inward till you get the proportions you desire.

Now click a tool and and selct apply on the pop up window. Here is our result.

Now with our render placed we want to start our background for this sig Ive selcted an action pic to place on the right. I use the same process to select this picture and copy

and paste onto a NEW LAYER, I adjust my sizes again using Edit:Free Transform, and by using the shift key to maintain proportions.

I now want to place my background behind my render, to do that I will click on it in the layers pallete and drag it underneath the render. Now I have this.

Now I will repeat this process to fill in the space on the left. Like this.

To obtain the look I desire here I need to save my document in .PSD format (this is important as it maintains your layers) and then re open it. Now Im gonna select my backgound

picture and go to Image:Adjustmentsesaturate this makes my background black and white like so.

Im gonna slightly change that layer now by adjusting my brightness and contrast, this is done in the Image:Adjustments: Brightness and Contrast menu. Play around till your

happy. and then repeat on the other side until your happy with the look. Here is what mine looks like now.

Now what I want to do here is have the background black and white but make Alvarez stand out in the background by having him in color. To do this I now need to selct the history brush.

Now with a small brush selcted we will slowly paint Eddie back to color being careful to not go on the outside, personally I like to selct a small soft brush (fades in strength around edges.) and start around the outside and then move in selecting larger brushes as I move in. I suggest stopping periodically as then if you mess up you can always go to edit step backwards and start back at your last stopping point. Take your time zoom in it should now look like this.

Now repeat this on the other side.

Now its time to add our text, select the text tool

Now font, color and size will all depend on both personal preferance and what you have to work with, I suggest simpler fonts as most fancy fonts dont show up well or arent

clear, I also advise keeping text minimal as if you try and write a a story it ussually comes out appearing cluttered. Here I selcted a simple font in yellow to match Eddie's


Now because my type isnt clear enough Im gonna add a black stroke around it. to do this I went to the layers pallete and write clicked on my text layer, then selcted blending
options. to bring up the menu.

I then click on stroke, for mine I chose a black stroke and turned the sizing down to 1 pixel. I also moved my text to the right corner, again placement is all personal
preferance based on your particular sig.

At this stage we have basically created a simple sig, in order to better make it stand out on the forum I will now add a finishing touch in the way of a border. For this sig I decided to go with two colors, a yellow inner border as well as a outer black border. to do this we need to add another layer on top of all the other layers. This layer will be our yellow border. select your brush tool and set your sizing to 2 pixels, now zoom in close and while holding shit (Shift will create straight lines.) drag it just insider the picture releasing after each line if you dont get it right to the edge just step backwords and try over,. if your dont do this it will connect the lines at and angle, if this happends just go edit step backwords and try again.

Now set your brush size to 1 Pixel and select black for your color and go around the inside edge again. Borders can add alot to a sig as far as bringing it together but arent necessary and often times just a simple black 1 pixel border will suffice. Remember to save your sig again in .PSD format incase you want to go back and make changes. But now that we are complete you also will need to save a copy in either Jpeg or PNG format so that you can use it on the forum. Here is our finished product.

Remember any questions dont be scared to ask here we have some great GFX guys who will be happy to offer some advice. I'd also love it if you guys who use this tutorial could

share some of your work with us here.

After you get the hang of it do some diffrent photo effects tutorials that can be found using google and incorporate them into your work, you can also try diffrent fonts (Download some new ones) and text effects.

Good luck and enjoy.

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