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MMA Class

Warm up run, tumbling, technique was all ground and pound from guard. A few arm traps and quick striking, stand up and strike and jump back down, elbows to the body. Then from the bottom of guard we practiced tying people up and evading the strikes. Drilled that for awhile, did pretty good. Then we rolled I think 4 rounds. I did pretty well against everyone, one of the blue belt from BJJ class that historically puts an ass kicking on me was in class and I was able to be more competitive and establish and trap him in my mount by the end of the rolls.

Forgot to mention, I got my fourth stripe in BJJ yesterday. Next promotion is a blue belt.

It's only tuesday and I'm feeling beat up, at least there's no more double days for awhile.

Tomorrow I'll see if my partner is up for hitting pads, otherwise I'll figure something else out solo.
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