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Originally Posted by The Don
yea Much of that running endurance is not going to carry over into fighting completely different Do lots of grappling sessions and pay attention to what Onganju said he always gives some excellent advice. If he is a beginner and the fight is 4 months away.. you guys better be training at least 5 hours a day. say an hour weating and conditioning and 2 hours of grappling and 2 hours striking. Might seem extreme but training like that will help build your endurance in the ring. Also go back and read through the trainig section on this site lots of good stuff posted by myself, Onganju and others like Ironman to name one.
Thank you Don.

A few things/techniques that came to mind after I thought about being in a clinch, and takedowns. A good solid takedown that is easy to teach and utilize is the Body Lock/Crunch takedown. A simple front-side bearhug, slide the arms down to the waist/lowerback and pull them in while levering their upperbody with your head at chest level, step forward as the opponent bends back and you have a takedown.

You can also teach him how to utilize a Duck Under to take the standing opponent's back, body lock the waist from behind, step one leg out and break the opponent's balance to back and to that side to sweep them over the leg. That's a real easy takedown. Both this and the one I listed aove are in the first set of techniques in Royler Gracies Submission Wrestling book.

Also... Since this is on an amateur level, you have to keep in mind the possibility of the opponent reaching for a headlock. It's a readily available tactic that many people instinctively go for. To contend with that, get you man familiar with the Yoko Guruma (Side Wheel Throw) and Ura Nage/Back Suplex. Personally, if I don't want to hurt the other guy, I go for the Yoko Guruma. It leaves you in side control with your opponent's arm just begging to be barred.

Hope this helps. Let us know how it is coming along.

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