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actually what he is doing for conditioning is the same thing I do. Im making him do stations and heavy bag training. It really wears the crap out of you after an hour and its the type of conditioning you need to fight. Alot of interval training on the bike all of the guys at american top team swear by it. Then weights for muscle stamina not for streghnth.

Alot of people dont gas many people after some fighting their muscles start gassing on them. So thats important to.

I compiled a list of take downs Ive been training him in.

High side double leg take down
Bassic double leg take down
another variation of the doble leg
body lock take down
the swim (dont know what you would call it)
tomo nage (for clinch situations)
body drop take down
tai otoshi

Im going to start uploading these videos to you tube and maybee we can get a sticky for take downs in this section

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