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Originally Posted by Davisty69 View Post
I just started playing on line and when I was lvl 10, KO'd a lvl 70. Bastard quit. My record would be far better without all the damn pansies that can't stand losing.

I actually get less mad losing online than I do losing against the game.
my record: 97-50 (first 42 losses came before i tried anything but ranked play. 49-8 now not including 15-20 quitters wins)

totally man, i never get mad when i lose. if the kid is talking shit i might give him an ear full but losing in the game is nothing to get mad over... infact i usually congratulate them on the win if it's impressive. give them props for their skills. the flash KOs, i'll call them like i see them but same goes for when i deliver one: "hey man, flash KO, i got lucky. peace". ain't no need to be a childish dickwad on Live like the little kids and angst filled teens, ya know. and if you are going to deliver some words to someone talking shit... back it up with the win.

hehe, i started a game yesterday (his level 38 vs my level 45) just as i had to start BBQing for myself and my girl... went through the whole first round playing with just one hand, haha. lots of kalib starnsing, and he was flipping his lid. calling me a pus*y and a bitch, and this and that while i just laughed and told him i was only using one hand. chill out son. Then he continued to talk shit when the second started so i told him i'd use two hands then BAM, KO'd the kid. hahaha. of course, he quit but it was hilarious. sent me like 10 voice clips calling ME a pus*y? haha.

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