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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge View Post
I never knew that calling somebody out that cheats is "caring so much." I mean, I must admit, it's a real great argument you have there. Perhaps I'll take more note of all your posts since you clearly have a psychological ability to read people who post messages on the internet. Now I'll try. Perhaps you're also jealous of me, since you replied in a "duechbag way" to call out my accusation. Mmhmm, that's it. I mean, clearly you care so much about my opinion you had to reply back to it, that must be it. Wank wank cry cry. Get over it.
Hah, barkin up the wrong tree with that tired old look-at-me-i'm-using-pisspoor-circuar-arguments-and-tryin-my-darndest-to-sound-witty-on-tha-interwebs routine.

Settle down princess.

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