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Originally Posted by shatterproof View Post
Hah, barkin up the wrong tree with that tired old look-at-me-i'm-tryin-my-darndest-to-sound-witty-on-tha-interwebs routine.

Settle down princess.
As opposed to look-at-me-i'm-calling-out-guy-whose-on-internets-tryings-to-be-funny (SMILIE FACE)

But I'm the tiresome one cause I'm sounding "witty." That's interesting. This entire thing started just by me saying dude probably was quitting. Then I receive backlash for it for just stating my opinion. If anything, others need to settle down cause I'm completely chill. It's others that are acting as if someone put sugar in their gas tank. But no, I need to grow up, cause I'm the one that pulled the "jealous on internets" card. Again, because I don't think this is coming in clear to half of you, all I did was say that the guy probably was cheating. No harm done, just a simple post. I get bombarded with sour pusses, but oh no, I have some growing up to do. Haha, makes perfect sense to me. Oh, and add a negative rep to that too, because you know, negative repping someone to "get one up" on someones on internets means no growing up to do. Ohh noooes my rep bar will go down, hold me.

You're just a cook...

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