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Did something a little different day. 6 rounds of 3 minutes alternating between sprinting up and down a flight of stairs and pulling/pushing a car back and forth. Not too fun in this weather, nor was it very fun having 3 or so hours of sleep in me. Catching up on sleep today.

Muay Thai

Heavybag, shadowbox, knees across the gym, practice catching and countering push kicks, practice missing a lead leg kick + spinning back kick, and missing a lead leg kick + spinning heel kick.

I felt like absolute garbage today. The weather's kicked in and it's ******* hot. My allergies are worse than ever before. I took like 4 extra strength reactines to get through the day and still felt miserable. Also had a blast of diarhea right before training. Fun times. Should've just rested today, I need to get some prescription allergy meds or something.
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