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Some massive changes i'd make to this game

1. a fighter's size should affect his attributes. A 6'6" guy shouldn't have as good of cardio and be as fast as my 6'1". This is pretty much reality. Except brock he is a freak. I know i should adapt better but i hate guys with 6'6" fighters cause the reach is way to big and they seem to sub way better.

2. When mounted there should be a buck button. You could have the top guy use the right stcik as like a balance button. The bottom guy could buck and make it a bit easier to get out of the mount. (i know don't get in the mount). But i use a CAF with 91 overall. I didn't use the cheat to make a fighter 115. I have seen the forum and been tempted but i will not do it.

3. And this is eevryone's pet peeve. If you quit to the dashboard to avoid a loss u lose. There was a game i used to play i can't rember what it was. But if u exited for whatever reason it froze you for like 15 minutes.
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