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Originally Posted by D.P. View Post
CS4...but it really doesn't matter which. For a while I was using Photoshop 7.
Well it all depends on what you will be using it for, Cs3-Cs4 would be best because it's up to date. But the thing I like is the Photoshop toolbars and layout stayed similar throughout the years. The biggest thing is when looking for brushes most will be for Cs and up more than likely, so Cs-Cs4 would be best but if you can't get ahold of them then work with what ya got.

Originally Posted by All_In_GSP View Post
At first I saw this and thought it was any question and answer. But alas, it's just for you artistically and technologically advanced folk.

Stupid question to you, necessary to me: what is needed in order to make a gif?
ImageReady or AnimationShop would be your best bet. I would personally prefer imageready as you could find more tutorials out there. And I just find it easier to use especially if you have Photoshop experience.

Originally Posted by Intermission View Post
Composure, your one of my fav posters here so I mean this in a sincere way, please keep your hair as far away from long ever again! Lol
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