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Whitehorizon talks Team Elite and a possible move to Light heavyweight

i recently caught up with whitehorizon at the team Elite gym and grabbed a quick interview with him.

By James T for MMAF


James T - Thanks for taking the time to sit and do this interview with me

Whitehorizon - No problem man

James T - First of all congratulations on your victory in the first round of the Middleweight tournement, by devistating fashion with a highkick to the head of Elite Roller sending him straight to the mat. how did you train for that fight and what special training did you do?

Whitehorizon - You know, Team Elite and my sparring partners really got me ready for this fight. We trained heavy on submissions and the ground game. I saw an opportunity and I had to take it. It looks like it ended well for me.

James T - yeah i hear those team Elite guys run a pretty tough camp over there. What would you say is your biggest strength in the octagon?

Whitehorizon - It was actually a head kick in the second round. Team Elite is basically a bunch of bad ass dudes. I would hate to run into anyone of them in a dark alley. Over here at Team Elite all the fighters are solid.

My Biggest strength in the octagon? Haha, Its me Baby. I can't pick one thing. Again, thanks to Team Elite im pretty well rounded.

James T - before you said that you would like to move up to the LightHeavyweight Divison, is that still something you would consider doing if you won the MiddleWeight Tittle?

Whithorizon - If? Its not question of if, its a question of when. I don't see a threat in the middleweight division. I will hold titles in both weight classes if I need to.

James T - Very confident there. how would you describe your fighting style?

Whitehorizon - Confidence is the best attribute for a fighter. My fighting style is pretty much erratic. I'm all over the place.

James T - and finaly, what do you think the future of UFL holds for you?

Whitehorizon - Im glad we have the UFL. Gave the world the chance to see the worlds best fighter in the middle weight division.

In all seriousness though the UFL and I have a long future ahead of us. I will me mesmerizing fans for years and years to come. Making that money.

James T - again id like to thank you for taking the time to sit down and have a chat with me. Best of luck on your upcoming fight in round 2 of the middleweight tournement

Whitehorizon - Thanks for the interview. My voice has to be heard man.

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