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Originally Posted by Fieos View Post
Training only body shots (even if you are new) teaches bad habits like keeping your hands low. My first recommendation would be to find a new gym. My second recommendation would be to throw on the head gear, mouthpiece, the big gloves, and ask that they pull their shots a bit since you are new.
That isn't entirely true, and I think that's a bit premature to tell someone to up and leave right off the bat. I know you're thinking that any practices remotely sounding like they are associated with a TMA equates to "McDojo crap" but that isn't always the case.

Now if all they did was that, sure. But since he's new, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Just because he and his opponent are only going to the body doesn't mean that he can't concentrate on good form. Isolation sparring and drills are meant to teach good form, not just winging to wing it.

I'm pretty sure the TS will end up getting punched in the head pleanty enough times to learn how to cover up and defend with due time. He already indicated that he likes the place and that the other guys are willing to help. That goes a lot farther than having a bunch of meatheads trying to jock their nutsacks on his chin and just blasting him to the dome without an appropriate assessment of his abilities. That applies doubly so regarding that he has some sort of training.

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