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Originally Posted by Ape City View Post
This game is missing a few pretty major things:

No fence control, Elbows can only be used from full guard (wtf no side control? no fm?), no checking leg kicks.

They are also missing specific damage to legs. I played a match with no one using the other controller and kicked chuck in the leg for 10 min straight. Shogun could still move around the ring just as fast. Maybe it hurts his ability to shoot, but it doesnt seem to do anything other than cause very tiny amounts of damage (over 10 that is alot). I had really hoped leg kicks were going to be a legitimate way to slow down aggressive strikers.
Well this does slow down aggressive fighters, when you hit them in the leg, it lowers there stamina, in which, if you attack aggressively, then you'll get tired. EASY Submission. So they can't be aggressive. But i hate that there's not leg checks, i just take them down with counters.
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