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raise metabolism

sup all im new here obviously hehe. i joined mma about a month ago and i love it. yesterday i sprinted, did some lifiting, then headed over to do some training with our trainer.

so the only the things im working on is dropping weight and raising my metabolism. just wanna know if what im doing is good so far, i started today

10AM - eat 5 baby carrots, 2 broccoli
11:30AM - WHEY protien w/water
12AM - 15 almonds
2PM - half an Apple
3:30PM - WHEY protien w/water
4PM - half a peach
6PM - peach yogurt
7:30PM - WHEY protien w/water
8PM - chicken soup (home made)
9PM probably head ot the gym and afterwards call it a day.

so am i doing this right or should i modify it a bit. of course ima try to switch it every day cuz my food resource is limited hehe... also ive dropped 11 pounds sincei joined mma a month ago.. i havent really dropped anything but i do admit i had a bad eating habbit. like id munch right after training but im stopping that. so if i stick to running 4 times a week, sprinting 4 times a week, lifting 3 times a week, plus mma class 2 times a week will that get me n proper shape of course with the a proper diet? how long will i start to see results, i feel stronger and i feel really good, just havent noticeda nything.
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