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I am 6' normally 205lbs not ripped but similar physiqe to Fedor, right now I am 215 because I bulked up to 220lb. Keeping energy up is what mine is really based around. Getting more out of what I eat. Some other things I add in when cooking are black beans, wild/brown rice mix, I will on occassions eat whole grain pasta usually on tuesday to get ready for leg day at the gym or late wed early thur, basically I wanna carb load for leg day. I do strength training which consists of 30 min bike, Squats up to 400lbs, leg presses up to 1200lbs, then my favorite lunges (sarcasm), then inward and outward leg butterflies and this is how you make "legs jello"...

It sounds like you have a plan in the works and you will get it as long as you keep going. Just make sure you have enough energy and get 8-10 hrs sleep. Getting energy for recovery is a major reason for alot of my supplementing. Do some research on different quality of brands of whey protein too on good reviews of products very detailed.

Make sure of what you want to train for when weight lifting for MMA I say get alot of cardio HIIT, Strength and endurance strength, and Explosiveness (fast twitch muscles) there is a thread on here about it.
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