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Rested up for close to a week.

Came back today for MMA class.

Warm up run + tumbling. Technique was a bunch of good stuff in guard working against a wall. I felt good today, but still not a 100% I'd say I'm still not quite over being overtrained. Still held up alright though.

It's confirmed that there is no fight for me. Just a complete lack of opponents at 205, I guess. Looks like my debut is delayed.

I just heard that there's a grappling tournament happening tomorrow morning, was thinking I'll go down and register last minute. It's a unique one that should be pretty difficult but fun. It's a round robin tournament where you're rolling up to 10 times. You only win a round by submitting someone, in which case you receive a few points, if it's a draw, both people receive one point. Points are tallied at the end for the winner. I won't win but this sounds like something really cool to take part in. Hopefully a friend will be down to come along and film it.
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