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Originally Posted by IronMan
Damn. Do you want the short list or the long list.

From a wrestling standpoint, the best things are the direct, quick takedowns that put you in a good position to do damage, so here's the short list for that:

Straight Single-leg
Low Single
Inside leg trip

From a judo standpoint, which is where I have a little more experience, you want to set up a short pound into a submission scenario. Here's my favorites:

Straight hip throw
Hip drag (also called a spinning hip throw)
Should toss
Elbow toss
Anything Otoshi waza

There are also more elaborate flying submissions that I would take a look at, assuming this competition is a little way off. They allow you to finish someone with a crappy ground game before you even take the fight to the ground. Here are my favorites:

Flying ankle lock (a la Ryo Chonan)
Flying kneebar
Back rolling armbar from the clinch
Flying guillotine choke
Legsweep into a kimura
Legsweep into a rear anklelock
Flying RNC as a counter to a double leg takedown (a la Frank Shamrock)

If you need anything explained, just let me know.
you got any videos of the elaborate techniques

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