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A few more days off for the weekend. I went to the BJJ tournament but unfortunately I felt like crap that morning. Allergies were kiling me. I didn't enter, just watched. I wish it happenned today or later on or something, but that's how it goes. I'm in the next one fo shizzle, I think I could have placed 3rd or 4th out of 8 at this one, in the 200lbs+ division.


Warm up run, pumelling, technique in first class was collar chokes, armbars, switching to armbar the other arm. Just did one round of guard passes, I passed after a bit of a battle. I caught my partner in a triangle during his pass.

Then we shark tanked a new blue belt. Passed guard and into mount, went for americana, he rolled and then sunk a rear naked.

Advanced class, learned a few cool new techniques that I'll go over with a bit of detail. First was guard passes working outside the legs. Open the guard with knee, one arm slips under the back of their knee, then other arm, then simply dump them to the side and turn your hip onto them into side control. Next is get into that same position, stack, slide your wrist to their throat, other hand grabs pants at the but then spin them at the back and compress wrist for a choke/neck crank. A counter for the guy guarding is to grab at the sleeves, drag them down to outside your thighs, push their hips back with your feet, then put them under into butterfly guard, stretch them way out, then bring one foot over to the other side and then spin into back control.

Then we just rolled. First roll I was stuck between half guard and side control, I got smothered to shit but was never really threatened or tired. Still stuck the whole round regardless.

Next rolls was with a big brown belt that I really enjoy rolling with because he's super chill and coaches you. Started off giving him problems tying him up in my guard. Threatened the omoplata and kimura but nothing came out of it. He eventually got to half guard where we battled for quite awhile. I eventually reguarded, threatened the kimura, then hip sweeped into mount and grapevined out. He gave me his back, but escaped my control pretty easily. That was the extent of the roll. Best roll I can think of in awhile.

Next was a really small blue belt girl. She's ******* good though, kept me busy and I barely contained her for most of the round.

Next was a small but good purple belt. I spent most of the round on his back but could not submit.

Awesome class. The overtraining is gone and I'm in incredible shape right now. Focus was crystal clear all class and I feel ******* good. I could tear some mother****er up in a match this friday. Unfortunately my time isn't yet. Striking + MMA Tomorrow.
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